Chemical and Biochemical Procedures Laboratory


Address: 8200 Veszprém, Hársfa u. 23.

Workplaces: MTA MUKKI, University of Pannonia

1964-1969: Veszprém University of Chemical Engineering Degree: M. Sc.

1987 degree of candidate (title of thesis: Mass Transfer in two- and Three-Phase Systems)

1994: degree of doctor of science (title of thesis: Three-Phase Mass Transfer)

2000 degree of habilitation

2002 full professor at University of Pannonia (earlier Veszprém University)

2004 interim director

2005-2011 director

2011- scientific adviser

2016 professor emeritus

Cooperation with foreign universities from 1980:

Technical University Darmstadt (1980-1991),

Technical University Wroclaw (1975-1991),

Technical University Lodz (1988-1989)

Technical University Graz (1992-1994)

Technical University Wien (1995-1997)

Jadavpur University, Kolkata (2000-2005)

Centre of Chemical process Studies of Quebec (CEPROCQ), Montreal, (2009-2010)

Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Academy of Sci. Czech Republic (2013-)

Institute on Membrane Technology, University of Calabria (2013-)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016-)

Main topics of his research activity:

1. Mass transfer in two- and three-phase systems, the effect of chemical reaction on the mass transfer rate, effect of the third phase on the mass transfer rate (1969-2008)

2. Pervaporation process: separation of two-component mixtures (1971-)

3. Enzyme catalyzed reactions: hydrolysis of maltodextrin, hydrolysis of triglicerid esters, enzyme membrane bioreactors (1985-)

4. Heterogeneous catalytic reaction: isomerization of n-hexane on zeolite catalyst (1979-1990)

5. Mixing in fermentation reactors, scale-up (1991-1994)

6. Mass transfer and separation by membrane processes (1971-)

7. Separation of optically active components by membrane processes (2000-2011)

8. Controlled drug release (2002-2008)

9. Biomass utilization, bioethanol, biochemicals’ production (2005-)

10. Investigation of enzyme nanoparticles (2005-)

11. Biocatalytic membrane reactor (2012-)

12. Energy production by PRO membrane process (2013-)

13. Synthesis of functional nanoparticles (2015-)

Scientific activity: 252 publications (1 book [Nagy E: Basic equations of mass transport through a membrane layer, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2012, 2018], 10 book chapters, 119 in international journal, 123 in international proceedings), 162 lectures on international conferences and by invitation, 3 patents; Sum of the impact factors: 106.3 Citation: 1070 (Research Gate).

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homepage: (list of publications, lectures are given here)

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