Chemiscal and Biochemical Procedures Laboratory

Curriculum vitae

Personal InformationAhmed Jaffar

Name: Ahmed Musa Jaffar

Date of birth: January 31st 1986

Nationality: Iraqi

Contact Information

Mobile: +36702478260

Desk phone 6166

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 10 Egyetem u. Veszprem

Professional Experience

  1. He has worked in Basra Oil Company as an engineer since February

2008. He has gotten a great experience, because he worked in several departments as Production department, Petroleum and Reservoir engineering (Fields department), Production service department, and chemical design department and during my work I have had a great idea about separation process and other engineering process.

  1. He worked with professor Tewodros Asefa in his Nanomaterial labs In Rutgers University from 2013 until I graduated in 2015. We worked on nanocatalyst and developing mesoporous catalyst using sba-15 as a base material. Working in labs gave me a great experience and made me more skilful.



Currently I am PhD student in Pannonia University, Chemical Engineering and Material Science Doctoral School under professor Endre Nagy supervision and Dr. Mónika Meiczinger as co supervisor. Furthermore, I will work on mass transfer through biomembrane Also, I have gotten the following degrees:

1- Master degree in Chemical engineering from The State University of New Jersey –United States 0f America (2015). Furthermore I did my master with


2- Bachelor degree in Fuel and Energy engineering from Southern

Technical University –Technical College -Basra (2007).

3- Bachelor degree in Translation English/Arabic from college of

Art University of Basra (2012).

4- Certificate in English language from Program in American

Language Studies -New Jersey- USA (2013).

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