Environmental Biotechnology Research Group

Dr. Renáta Rauch

Dr. Renáta Rauch

Place: building I, room 633, 613.

Phone: +36 88 624-000 / 6156, 4035

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MSc in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management Expert, Research and Development Engineer, Chromatography Engineer, PhD (research field bio, environmental and chemical engineering)

Renáta Rauch has graduated as environmental engineer in 2000, and later as environmental management expert and research and development engineer at the University of Pannonia. She completed her chromatographic engineering study at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2007. She joined a research group at the Doctoral School of Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences as a PhD student. She completed her studies at the Institute of Environmental Engineering.

She started her career in environmental analytical engineering. She was a member of an environmental company in Hungary as the leader of the Environmental Technology Research Laboratory. Her research focused on the development of water and soil contamination technologies, mainly the development of remediation procedures based on adsorption and biotechnology-enzyme technology.

She is member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, she is a waste management expert

in environmental engineering (installation and technology) as well as water and geological media protection.

She takes part in work of the Environmental Technologies Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science Regional Committee for Water Resources in Veszprém as .

She was a member of the Functional Nanoparticles Laboratory (PE MÜKK) from 2016. She has been the leader of the research group since November 2021.  

Her main research areas are the environmental utilization of natural raw materials - as well as alginite and zeolite - and development of biotechnology-based remediation technologies.

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