Chemical and Biochemical Procedures Laboratory

Dudás Józsefdudas

research fellow

Office: I building 613

Phone: +36 88 624-035

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


József Dudás graduated as a chemist MSc in Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry L. Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary in 1979. He works at Research Institute of Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering (University of Pannonia) since 1991.

Research topics

As a project leader he is directing the research effort of a group of chemists and leading synthesis of anionic gemini surfactants mainly for EOR. As an author and co-author he has published several papers.

Diploma: Chemist, Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen 1979 (sz.:56/1979)

Language: English A (A 0117932/1993)


Selected publications:


  1. Nagy R, Bartha L, Tóth J, Dudás J, Vágó Á

Investigation of the interaction between polymer and surfactant aqueous solution for the petroleum industry

PETROLEUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 35:(4) pp. 360-364. (2017)


  1. Nagy E, Dudás J, Hegedüs I

Improvement of the energy generation by pressure retarded osmosis

ENERGY 116: pp. 1323-1333. (2016)


  1. Nagy Endre, Dudas Jozsef, Mazzei Rosalinda, Drioli Enrico, Giorno Lidietta

Description of the diffusive-convective mass transport in a hollow-fiber biphasic biocatalytic membrane reactor

JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 482: pp. 144-157. (2015)


  1. Nagy E, Nagy R, Dudas J

Separate expression of polarization modulus and enrichment by mass transport parameters for membrane gas separation



  1. A B Páhi, Z Király, Á Mastalir, J Dudás, S Puskás, Á Vágó

Thermodynamics of the micelle formation of the counterion coupled gemini surfactant bis(4-(2-dodecyl)benzenesulfonate)-jeffamine salt and its dynamic adsorption on sandstone

JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 112: pp. 15320-15326. (2008)

  1. Patonay T, Varma RS, Vass A, Levai A, Dudas J

Highly diastereoselective Michael reaction under solvent-free conditions using microwaves: conjugate addition of flavanone to its chalcone precursor

TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 42:(8) pp. 1403-1406. (2001)


  1. Vass A,Dudás J, Tóth J, Varma RS

Solvent-free reduction of aromatic nitro compounds with alumina-supported hydrazine under microwave irradiation

TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 42:(32)pp. 5347-5349.(2001)


  1. Vass A,Dudás J, Varma RS

Solvent-free synthesis of N-sulfonylimines using microwave irradiation

TETRAHEDRON LETTERS 40:(27)pp. 4951-4954.(1999)



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